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We are a full service, independent production company that strives to create high quality video content on independent budgets.


We believe in teamwork and collaboration. We strive to build long lasting relationships with producers, directors, writers, talent and investors, pooling strengths together to create films that will be memorable, relevant and profitable. 


Grip & Electric rentals, Line producing, Script Breakdowns, Production Budget estimates, Crew,  Full Development and more!

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@ $400/day

@ $1,200/week

THE LAST NIGHT INN       | CRIME | USA | 86 min| 2016 |

HIDE IN THE LIGHT       | HORROR | USA | 81 min| 2017 |

THE BROKEN LEGACY       | DRAMA | USA | 82 min| 2016 |

BRISTOL PLACE       | DRAMA | USA | 12 min| 2015 |

Glix for the Arts is a non profit organization that provides guidance, support and resources to help filmmakers showcase their talent, vision and style. 


Glix for the Arts welcomes new and experienced filmmakers that posses a passion to create remarkable video content and to influence the community.


We are dedicated to nurture and support the art of filmmaking and  make a mark in the entertainment industry. 

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