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Director:  Dennis M. Hodges

Screenwriter: Dennis M. Hodges

Genre:  Crime/Thriller



Jason, a hardworking college student is forced to put his criminal Justice major to the test as a bad choice of his own sparks his investigation into his brother's death



Jason Love wants nothing more than to be a positive influence on his younger brother Marcus who is sucked into the drugs and gang lifestyle that surrounds their neighborhood. On the same night that Jason has a fight with his ex-girlfriend, his brother Marcus is attacked by three masked vigilantes who beat him into a coma. Jason is left with the choice of seeking traditional Justice or seeking revenge for his brother.

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Director:  Edrei Hutson & Michael McGregor

Screenwriter: Mikey McGregor & Edrei Hutson

Genre:  Horror/Slasher




Brody's weekend home from college quickly becomes a fight for his life when he, his little sister and his friends become the main attraction at a new haunted house in the neighborhood. 



When Brody comes home from college for Halloween weekend, he discovers that the old abandoned house on Franklin street has been sold and turned into a hauted house attraction. His friends quickly convince him to brave the neighborhoods newest attraction, and he is cornered into bringing along Izzy, his 10 year old sister, who happens to know everything about the house. 

Not long after the group arrives at the haunted house do they learn that it is them that are to be the grand finale of the evening. One by one the friends begin to die, and it's up to Izzy and her intricate knowledge of the house to save the rest. 

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Director:  TBD


Genre:  Horror/Possessions



Selena travels to Mexico in an attempt to bring back the spirit of her deceased sister with the help of a mysterious local woman, but is instead tricked into returning the spirit of the woman’s murderous son. 



Selena is plagued by nightmares of her diseased twin sister. In desperate need of closure, she meets with a mysterious witchdoctor who promises to reconnect her with her sister on the Day of the Dead. Preparing for her journey to Mexico, Selena’s friends come along for the novelty of partying during the Day of the Dead. While Selena’s friends drink and party like there’s no tomorrow, she meets with the witchdoctor and performs the ritual to bring back the spirit of her sister. On a night when the Dead are closer to the Living, what promised to be the last opportunity to reconnect with her sister, bodies begin to pile up as Selena realizes the spirit she brought back was not that of her sister, but instead, that of her sisters killer, Rafael. Turning the trip into a nightmare of possessions, sacrifice and death. 


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