2017 SLATE

      HIDE IN THE LIGHT      

Director:  Michael McGregor

Screenwriter:  Michael McGregor

Genre:   Horror

Starring: JESSE JAMES (The Butterfly Effect 2004), ALEXIS STERLING (Being Awesome 2014), CHANDLER MASSEY (Days of Our Lives 2010-2014), LINDSAY LAMB (Emma's Chance 2016), CLAYTON SNYDER (Lizzie McGuire 2001-2004), KYLIE RAE CONDON (American Horror Story 2015), STERLING JONES (Lone Survivor 2013), MERCY MALICK (Pretty Little Liars 2013-2015)
Country of origin: USA



An adventurous group of friends dare to break into the abandoned orphanage and quickly find themselves trapped and fighting against unnatural forces. 


Siblings Kate and Todd lead a group of “Urban Explorers” who amuse themselves breaking into places and exploring what society has left behind. When the group dares to break into the town’s abandoned orphanage, they quickly find themselves trapped inside the building. While fighting for their lives, they will realize that one of the deceased orphans and her demonic friend lurk within the shadows, thirsty for new blood. 


Film website: www.hideinthelight.com


CURRENT STAGE: Post- Production (selected scenes available)


Director:  John Heath

Screenwriter:  Anthony Montes

Genre:  Crime/Drama

StarringJoe Penny, Johnny Williams, Marlene Mc'Cohen, Brian Lally, Eunice Olsen, Cierra Danielle, Suzanne Kent, Anthony Montes, Toby Maka, Ryan Neil Conklin, Sam Fox
Country of origin: USA


The Last Night Inn reveals the intercutting stories of desperation, sex and deceit, which takes place at a crappy LA motel in a night of coincidences, betrayals and crime. 

The Last Night Inn, follows an assortment of characters who inhabit the fringes of society and share the dubious distinction of checking into the Last Night Inn during the same unfortunate night. Low level mobsters who find themselves scrambling to save their lives when their plan to win favor with their boss backfires; two lost souls who make a desperate attempt to reunite and correct the sins of their past; a troubled woman, who finds herself at the end of her rope only to discover that fate sometimes has it’s own plans; and a man with a young girl, seeking revenge for the damage done to them.


The Inn will no longer be refuge for the underbelly of society; crime and tragedy is waiting for them.


Film website: www.thelastnightinn.com 





Director:  Miguel Garzon Martinez

Screenwriter:  Miguel Garzon Martinez

Genre:  Romance/Drama/Coming of age

StarringMichael Stahler, Marcos Esteves, Rayne Bidder, Oren Dayan, Maria Olsen, Rob Roy Cesar

Country of origin: USA


Steven Stamos, a shy screenwriter whose first movie bombed, volunteers to be a test patient for a new drug. Steven does not know anything about the drug as he joins a group of five other 20-somethings with one thing in common: they're all broke, lost and confused.


The plot thickens as Steven falls in love with Emily Rezaie, the beautiful girl next door. But Steven thinks he doesn't stand a chance with her, so he makes a deal with Tomás Henao, a self-proclaimed artist, philosopher and ladies' man: Steven will help Tomás to write a script that could gave him immortal fame, and in return Tomás will help Steven to win Emily's heart.


The script they craft resembles several uncanny parallels with the events unfolding inside the research lab, and just before the final day and the final page is writen, Steven must discover if he is willing to compromise his principles to achieve his objective. 


Film website: http://www.thebrokenlegacy.com




     THE LAST TRAIN     

Director:  Tracy Pellegrino 

Screenwriter:  Anthony Montes

Genre:  Romantic Comedy

Starring: Anthony Montes, Ciera Danielle, Lou Diamond Phillips 

Country of origin: USA


The Last Train is a story of a chance encounter between two strangers who meet at a New York subway station as both of them intend to jump in front of the train and end their lives. Anthony, a despondent acting teacher, lost the desire to live after he lost his son due to a car accident. The guilt he feels eats him alive and he has become apathetic about the daily motions of life. Rain, a stripper from a sexually abusive past, is struggling to make ends meet and is alone in life with no friends or family. She feels that she has no reason to go on and keep performing for dirty men just to make a buck in this life.

Seeing each other causes them to miss the train and forgo their suicide attempts. With nowhere to go, Rain moves in with Tony. They intend to gather the courage to attempt suicide by subway again in the future, but in the meantime, find solace in one another, however temporarily. Although they come from different worlds, their mutual pain bonds them. At the edge of despair, life intervenes as their paths cross and a new hope blossoms between them, inspiring them to give life another shot. They fall in love, unexpectedly finding a reason to live. As their newfound relationship grows, it challenges them to overcome their pain and take a chance on the life that they had intended to give up, pushing them to live another day. 


Film website: www.thelasttrainthemovie.com



Director:  Martin Chab

Screenwriter:  Martin Chab

Genre:  Drama/Coming of age

StarringMaria Bel Rodriguez, Micaela Martinez Balacco, Hugo Mur, Antonella Barroso, Diego Hernan Cubillos, Javier Sotelo, Mariano Martin

Country of origin: Argentina





Short Synopsis

Alma, a once famous rockstar falls into deep depression after the murder of her partner. Alma tumbles into a psychological limbo where she meets Sor Trinidad, a nun that is determined to guide her back to life. 



CURRENT STAGE: Post- Production
DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY: intended for at least one major film festival before releasing into theaters, video on demand, and/or online streaming. 



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