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 Cynthia Bravo - Producer & Director 

Cynthia’s genuine passion for the entertainment industry along with strong entrepreneurial skills, led her to become the CEO of Glix Entertainment, Inc., a production company that specializes in budget conscious high quality content that maximizes the return of investment. With that vision in mind, she founded the  'Glix for the Arts Community' looking to support and promote high quality independent video content.


Cynthia Bravo has successfully produced over 20 independent projects that include the feature film “The Last Night Inn” directed by John Heath; the short films “Look what you did” and “Poisonous Mammals” Directed by Eirin Strickland; “Phoenix” Directed by Bexultan Nurgali, “The Last Recollection” Directed by Thomas Personeni and “Red Tie Tree Truck, Directed by Santiago Paris. She also produced several corporate videos, and spec commercials. Her Directing repertoir incude the short films “Bristol Place” (2014),  “A conversation with him” (2014), "Letters for Daddy (2014) and "The Crane (2014).


Cynthia Bravo also assisted in the production of the feature films “Actor for Hire” directed by Marcus Mizelle and "The Broken Legacy" directed by Miguel Garzon Martinez.


Her projects under development include the feature films Hide in the Light (Horror/demons), Spirits (horror/possessions), The House on Franklin (Horror/slasher) and The Prodigal Brother (Thriller/drama).

 Gonzalo Digenio - Cinematographer 


Before becoming a Cinematographer, Gonzalo Digenio worked as an editor and colorist, which allowed for a better understanding of imagery, story telling, shot design, and creative visuals. Gonzalo has vast experience in both digital and film, including including Fuji and Kodak’s16 mm and 35 mm; Canon C300, Alexa plus, Red One, Epic and Scarlet, among many others. 


Gonzalo’s portfolio includes feature film When the Wolf Calls (2014); feature film The Broken Legacy (2014); feature film The Last Night Inn (2014); 16 episodes of the popular TV show Brother's in Law [KZ], and over 30 short films, commercials, music videos and corporate videos. His upcoming projects include the feature films The House on Franklin, The Prodigal Brother, Hide in the Light and Spirits.

 Mikey McGregor - Writer & Director 


Mikey McGregor, a California native, received his masters degree in filmmaking in 2013 and has been working at Glix Studios ever since.


He first started out as theatrical actor at the age of 7 and became a well-versed dancer and a professional singer. However with a passion for writing, he went to school to be a journalist and met a professor who saw his passion and potential and asked him to be a part of the student film festival and as luck would have it winning first place with his first film “Lament”. He continued his education and has written and directed various short films raking in comedy, drama, a dark musical, and horror.


Mikey also works as a production designer, having built set ranging from an underground laboratory, a seedy motel and spaceship cockpit.

 Dennis M. Hodges - Writer & Director 


Dennis Melton Hodges is an award winning filmmaker who has transitioned himself from an on camera TV personality from his time at TMZ to behind the camera as a Writer/Director. His first independent film “A Daughter’s Dilemma” has screened at numerous film festivals and has received an “Award of Excellence” from the Best Shorts Competition. The film has also been accepted into the Montreal Black Film Festival where the movie will be screened in Canada later this year. His second film "Southern Hospitality" was recently screened at the Hollywood Black Film Festival, which has been deemed "The Black Sundance". The film also took 3rd place at the awards ceremony at the NO HU international Film Festival in Union City, New Jersey. Dennis was recently hired as a director for hire on a family themed television show pilot. He has also directed spec commercials and  music videos for popular southern California Hip-hop artists.

 Brian Cardona - Writer & Director 


Brian Cardona grew up in the suburbs of the Los Angeles County. Growing up, he always had a fascination with movies and animation. When he was 14 years old, his family bought a DV camera and it was there that he began to fall in love with movie making. Using his computer, his friends, and a little ingenuity, he taught himself how to edit, produce, and create his own shorts and videos. After making countless shorts and teaching himself Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, he decided to attend film school. It was there he honed his directorial and writing skills and learned every facet of production and post-production, leading him to create his first award-winning short film, "Human After All".


Brian believes that the human condition is one that should be explored, studied, and scrutinized at every moment of our lives. He believes that learning about ourselves improves not only us as individuals, but brings us closer to realizing that we are all human, and we all have the same struggles regardless of race, gender, or creed.

 Rolando Alvarez - Writer & Director 


Rolando Alvarez began his career in the summer 2010, where we worked on three feature films. That summer Ignited his passion for filmmaking. Earning his degree in TV and Film from the University of Texas at Pan-American where he met many passionate collaborators. He is currently a freelance grip and gaffer for films, commercials, and music videos. Future plans include writing and directing more. He is an award- winning screenwriter and producer, He lives and works and sleeps occasionally in Los Angeles, CA. 

 Doug roland - Writer & Director 


Doug is a NYC native currently based in LA. He has directed numerous short films that have played in many festivals around the world.  Some of his latest work includes the webserires "Erin's House", and the short films "Like Riding a Bike" and "Kidwalker". 


He is currently in post-production on his latest short, "Jada," shot on location in Venice Beach, and in pre-production on two shows that he's co-created.


The more the merrier! If you wish to join our community send your resume and/or portfolio to glixforthearts@glixstudios.com,  along with a brief letter stating why you would be a good addition to the team.


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